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Hydroxycut side effects

Hydroxycut hardcore is a fatty burner in the form of capsules. Hydroxycut Hardcore is designed to burn fat, to help weight loss by a mix of ingredients, all integrated for their fat burning and metabolism boosting abilities. Hydroxycut Hardcore is on hand without prescription, by a variety of online retailers and is trendy amongst body builders.

How does it work?

Each capsule encloses a mix of:

Adenoclene: Made of Yerba mate and Guarana and used as a stimulant.

Lipidrol: A caffeine based produce, also used for its stimulating end product.

Norepididrive: Contains Damiana which is frequently used as an aphrodisiac and food boosting abilities.

Capsicore: Has Cayenne which is used for its stimulant and food boosting abilities.

Hydroxycut Hardcore says that these components when mixed reduce body weight. The fluid capsules allegedly allow the medicine to function fast as they are more easily absorbed by the organism.

Side Effects

Side effects are typical of similar stimulant based medications and usually comprise:

Trouble in focusing on tasks

Breathing difficulties

Bigger bowel movements in abnormal colours

Severe Nausea

High heart bit


Uncomfortable amount of sweating



Loss of hunger


To begin with, it is obvious that anybody that has caffeine sensitivity should not even think of using HydroxycutHardcore or any similar diet drugs. This can create unsafe side effects, which can at their very minimum leave consumers with a hurting headache and at most horrific, could possibly result in having trouble in breathing or suffer heart problems.

Another side effect that is repeatedly reported in customer reviews is the change of the stool colour which tends to vary from red and purple and can be disturbing.


A number of consumers have also complained that they did receive the results they were expecting and had minimal or no weight loss at all. This should have users question whether the product in fact works. It has been noted that work out is a must when using this product to achieve any effect on weight loss.